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To the question: "should a person read?" - each of us will answer in the affirmative. But, despite the fact that everyone understands the importance of this process, not all people read books. And for good reason. After all, reading is not just a fascinating process. The benefits of reading books lies in the positive effect on the brain. It requires concentration, a larger focus on the narrative and storylines, using the power of your imagination. All of this gives your brain a workout, it trains and retains young. Regular dive into your favorite books improves your memory, helps to form new nerve endings and prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease. In addition to reading teaches us to be more human. Great works of literature and poetry will reveal new feelings that you might have previously experienced. Moreover, scientific research confirms that fiction is able to make the reader more empathetic toward other people. Books help you to better understand other people. You can try on the image of a book, to see it from his side and, who knows, perhaps you will better understand their loved ones in real life.

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